Here you can access ‘ALEX’, our online case management system, providing you with an up-to-date overview of any of your insured cases.

Client Login

You can also update us on any new policies you have issued and keep us appraised of any developments occurring on your insured cases. Just click on ‘Client Login’ to begin.

We also provide a facility for any ‘One-off’ cases you wish us to consider. Please download the proposal form and checklist which will help you help us in determining the premium for your client’s case.

(42.9 KiB) Bespoke Case Proposal Form If you have a case which requires an insurance solution to help protect your clients best interests please feel free to fill in this form and return it to us.

(52.9 KiB) Proposal Form Checklist If you are sending in a proposal form to us, please read this list as an indication as to what information we require in order to gain a full understanding of your clients case and rate it accordingly.

If you are interested in applying for delegated authority to run your own scheme with us, then please feel free to download and fill in the practice application form and send it to us.

(61.0 KiB) Practice Questionnaire If you would like to apply to work with us providing legal expense solutions for your clients please feel free to fill in the form and return it to us.

If you have a query and wish to talk to one of our experienced insurance professionals please call us on 01444 451752 or contact us by e-mail at